Rachel Magario – Blind Visionary


It can be awkward not to mention inefficient, frustrating, and sometimes messy. That’s what inaccessible design feels like for the user. Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be that way.

Rachel poses with her guide dog NettieMeet Rachel Magario

When it comes to accessibility, Rachel is a true visionary despite the fact that she is totally blind. She understands the fork and soup thing all too well from both personal and professional experience, and has made it her mission to inspire, learn, teach, and make the world more accessible and efficient for everyone.


Accessibility Advocate, Interaction Designer, Innovation Strategist

As the world’s only blind Interaction Designer, Rachel researches and develops models and prototypes that bring the accessible user experience to life. She works closely with designers and developers to not only meet accessibility standards but to grasp the importance of the accessible user experience, and incorporate it into every project from the beginning.

Motivational Speaker

When she was just 6 years old, Rachel lost her vision as the result of a car accident in her native Brazil. That didn’t stop her from participating in varsity athletics, theater, or horseback riding. As a college student, she was struck by a car in a crosswalk resulting in compressed vertebrae, the loss of kidney function, and eventually a kidney transplant at the age of 29. That didn’t keep her from earning two undergraduate degrees, an MBA, and a Master’s Degree in Interaction Design from the University of Kansas. Today Rachel shares her inspirational story, her unique insight, and her vision of the future with open-minded audiences everywhere.

Recent Events

Rachel was at SXSW Interactive in Austin, Texas in March sharing her Magario Accessibility Experience Method with some of the brightest minds around. Use the contact page to learn more about her presentation, “Turning a Blind Eye to Good Accessibility.”